Continental SportContact 7

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Continental SportContact 7

Continental SportContact 7 is a summer tyre and is perfect for sporty driving; it’s available in many different sizes and is perfect for powerful cars.

This is the seventh generation of a famous tyre by Continental, exactly SportContact, and it ensures both high performance and a good efficiency.

Main technical feature

SportContact 7 shows an elegant and nice design, and the most important technical feature is the special mix of materials: the inner side is created by BlackChili3 compound, that is very soft, the external side has instead a stiff outrider.

Tests and reviews

The good quality of Continental SportContact 7 has been confirmed by some official tests, and the most meaningful is the one by the automotive magazine Auto Motor Sport: this summer tyre got the first place and has been defined “Exceptional”.

The reviews written by motorists are very good, too, and they are absolutely satisfied, both for performances and for value of money, although the price is higher than the average.

Prices of Continental SportContact 7:

Sizes Price
SportContact 7 225/40 R18 130,29£
SportContact 7 235/35 R19 158,19£
SportContact 7 255/35 R21 309,30£
SportContact 7 305/30 R19 319,29£
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Test results obtained by Continental SportContact 7:

  • Auto Motor Sport2022
    1° Place

Continental SportContact 7 tyre sizes:

Rime 18"

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Rime 20"

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