Tyres Ford Fiesta St: summer, winter and all-season,

Find all tyres suitable to be fitted to your Ford Fiesta St. We list all the versions made by Ford, divided by year of production.

Once you found the version, choose the tyres size for your Ford Fiesta St. We'll show you all the summer, winter and all season tyres on offer available, at the best price!

For your convenience we sorted the tyres sizes by diameter, which corresponds to the inches of the rim. Then choose the width and height of the tyre.

Click on the following links to see the list of tyres available in specific sizes for Ford Fiesta St:

Tyres sizes for Ford Fiesta St (2018-2024)

Are you looking for suggestion on which tyres are best for your Ford Fiesta St?

Once you have selected the size above, we suggest you use the "Tyre fuel efficiency rate", "Wet grip class" and "Rating" filters. Doing so will narrow down the number of results and we'll only offer you the tyres considered the best, by manufacturers and drivers.


These tyres sizes for Ford Fiesta St are approximative. We recommend you check the actual sizes of your tyres in the registration document of your Ford.

It's particularly important to check that the rim diameter is correct, it's not possible to fit tyres with a different diameter than that of your Fiesta St rims.

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